The Iraqi Christian Association in Wales

The Iraqi Christian Association in Wales (ICAW), was established in October 2007 by a group of Iraqi Christians inspired by their unique culture and tradition. They were supported by the local churches.

The majority of ICAW community are from Iraq and there are some from other regions of the Middle East.

We meet regularly where we celebrate our traditions, history and religion. In addition to maintaining strong bonds among our members, we also aim that we should integrate purposefully and loyally within the local Welsh communities and their representative churches.
The Objects of the Association are to benefit the Christian community in need (and in particular those in the Christian community of Iraqi origin) by the relief of poverty, sickness and distress; by the promotion of education and culture; by the encouragement and facilitation of Christian activity; by the provision of leisure activities or otherwise by improving the life conditions of the Christian community in need.
Our Target is to raise funds and apply for, invite, obtain, collect, and receive contributions from any corporate body, person or persons whatsoever by way of donations, grant, legacy or otherwise, provided that the Association shall not undertake any trading activities in raising funds for the said objects. All monies received are devoted to achieving the objects of the association and paid into a bank account in the name of the association. The Treasurer is responsible for keeping proper accounts and for all money received or payable by the Association. Following any set charitable event in Cardiff, the net raised donations are sent promptly to the Christians in need in Northern Iraq and Jordan.
ICAW is registered at Her Majesty Revenue and Customs (HMRC) and is recognised for its charitable work by the Iraqi Christian community in Wales and elsewhere in Britain as well as the local Welsh society. Since its inauguration, ICAW activities progressed over the years and significantly developed its charitable activities in many aspects, trying to help the Christians in need who are stranded with their families in the Middle East. We believe that to make a child happy is a heavenly act of benevolence. Over the years, we have made a few more children happy and even if that is for a few days, it is still worth it. We are a non-denominational association and we are all United in Christ.
جماعة المحبة والفرح
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جماعة المحبة والفرح
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جماعة المحبة والفرح
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Where do our donations go?

The Mahaba and Farah Group in Ainkawa-Erbil, Iraq.

Provide help to a group of special need children and youth, in addition to food and other things they help in teaching them skills and assisting them to cope with life through different activities

The Dominican sisters in Ainkawa-Erbil, Iraq.

They use the money and resources mainly for medicine and treatment including minor and major surgical operations in their two small clinics.

Messenger of Peace in Amman-Jordan

Helping the refugees in Jordan and also run a primary school to teach the children and other activities

Orphans of St. Joseph house in Karakosh in Northern Iraq.

For helping all the orphans in the area

Al-Waha House now is called (Mary’s Daughters Chaldean Convent) in Erbil.

An orphanage house for girls where teaching and education are provided in addition to skills like sewing, knitting and other girls jobs.

The South Chaldean Catholic Archdiocese in Basra, Iraq.

For helping the Christian Families in need under the supervision of the local bishop.

Lady of Carmel, School for Iraqi Refugees Children in Jordan.

Help  Iraqi children in Jordan to get education, health and basic services.